Short-Term Research Fellowships

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European Respiratory Society
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1-3 months fellowships for scientists, physicians or qualified allied health professionals, in the early stage of their career, going to another European or overseas country.

Main Features

ERS Short-Term Research Fellowships (STRF) are intended to advance and develop applicant's skills in basic, clinical or translational research. The research project may involve basic experimental studies, clinical investigations, epidemiology, applied health service research or any other research area relevant to respiratory medicine. Applicants are encouraged to include a training component within their research project.

ERS fellowships are not granted for undergraduate studies, workshops, courses, lectures, meetings, conferences, congresses or for visiting institutions. Similarly, ERS fellowships are not for clinical and educational training purposes (clinical diagnostic procedures, therapeutic interventional procedures, treatment, etc.).


a. Candidates should be actively engaged or must have experience in the respiratory field.

b. Applicants must be postgraduates holding a university degree in any field related to respiratory medicine (MD, MSc, PhD, MD-PhD, PhD-Student). Applicants should be graduated with an MD, MSc or equivalent at the time of application.

c. Postgraduate scientists such as immunologists, biologists, geneticists, pharmacologists, biophysicists, chemists, etc. involved in respiratory science, are entitled to apply for the ERS Long-Term Fellowships. At a minimum, applicants should hold an MD or MSc at the time of application.

d. Qualified healthcare professionals (non-MD) working in respiratory health/medicine (nurses, physiotherapists, respiratory function technologists, allied respiratory professionals, etc.) are entitled to apply for an ERS Long-Term Fellowship. At a minimum, applicants should hold an MSc or equivalent at the time of application.

e. Candidates should have adequate fluency in the language spoken at the host institution.

f. Candidates must be ERS members.



ERS short-term fellowships encompass a living stipend, a child allowance and a travel grant.

Grants are funded according to the personal (number of children under 16 years of age) and professional circumstances of the Fellow and the Host country.

Please check the rates in the Rules and Regulations document.


Applications and all supporting documents must be submitted in English and online. You can access the platform at the following link:

In case of interest, please contact with FSJD Research Department.