#SeminarIRSJD · Identification of gene signatures and potential therapeutic targets for acquired chemotherapy resistance in neuroblastoma

Auditori J. Plaza · Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona


Seminari exclusiu per personal de la institució.

El seminari es realitzarà en castellà.


Patients with high-risk neuroblastoma are treated with intensive multimodal therapy, however, approximately 60% of patients that initially respond to chemotherapy will eventually suffer disease relapse and/or develop resistance to therapy. Acquisition of resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs is thus a major problem, leading to treatment failure. We have investigated the molecular mechanisms of therapy-induced resistance in high-risk neuroblastoma tumors, to identify activated signaling pathways that promote cell survival, and may represent potential therapeutic targets. By using high-throughput screening strategies, we have identified active compounds against our drug-resistant neuroblastoma cell lines, providing insights into potential vulnerabilities of interest for therapeutic opportunities

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