#SeminarIRSJD · Compassion practice quality: exploring new frontiers of self-criticism treatment



Seminari exclusiu per personal de la institució. Si desitges obtenir l'enllaç de connexió contacta amb frecerca.comunicacio(ELIMINAR)@sjd.es

Aquest seminari s’impartirà en anglès.


Self-criticism (SC) is an unjustified and hurtful way of dealing with yourself in the face of adversity or failure. Its persistent and intense manifestation is related to higher psychopathological symptoms in many mental disorders, thus aggravating their prognosis. For this reason, different psychotherapeutic currents have tried to operationalise, evaluate and treat it, resulting in multiple definitions, self-report measures and psychological interventions. For example, in recent years, compassion-based interventions (CBIs) have been developed to reduce SC. CBIs incorporate self-compassion as a main component, which is defined as being sensitive to oneself's suffering and being kind toward oneself in the face of adversity. To cultivate it, CBIs incorporate formal meditation practices that involve guided imagery and mindfulness of emerging feelings during the interaction with mental imagery. Ultimately, different meta-analyses have shown that CBIs are effective in reducing SC, but have pointed out important methodological limitations in the efficacy studies conducted until now and the absence of an explanation of the involved mechanisms of action.

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