#SeminarIRSJD · Gas Plasma technology in Osteosarcoma: advances and challenges of a novel selective therapy based on oxidative-stress



  • Dra. Cristina Canal · Jefa del grupo Tecnologías médicas: Biomateriales e Inginería de tejidos del Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu. Investigadora de Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Group, Materials Science and Engineering Department, and Research Center for Biomedical Engineering de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) e investigadora de Barcelona Research Center in Multiscale Science and Engineering de la UPC.

Seminario exclusivo para personal de la institución. Si deseas obtenir el enllaç de connexión contacta con info(ELIMINAR)@irsjd.org

Resumen del seminario

Gas Plasma is an emerging field in oncology due to its potential as novel anti-cancer therapy that has been demonstrated in a wide range of cancers in vitro, in vivo and in the first clinical trials. Gas plasma chemistry leads to the generation of an abundance of reactive species (RONS) which are suspected to play a key role in selective cancer cell death without damaging surrounding healthy tissues. Such effects have also been observed in plasma conditioned liquids, opening the door for local therapies. In this seminar I will discuss the recent advances of our group in the evaluation of this oxidative therapy on osteosarcoma. Among them, we have developed 3D tissue-engineered models to evaluate the effects of gas plasma conditioned liquids in a relevant context of the human disease. Significantly different functional behaviors have been observed between monolayer, and 3D cultures (sarcospheres & engineered tumor models) when treated with gas plasma-conditioned liquids. Our data reveal that the 3D environment not only protects osteosarcoma cells from the plasma conditioned liquid-induced lethality by scavenging and diminishing the amount of reactive oxygen and nitrogen specie, among other effects that will be discussed and that have allowed to suitably propose a synergistic combination therapy to enhance the efficiency of gas plasma conditioned liquids.

Acknowledgements: ERC APACHE Nº714793 and MINECO/FEDER MAT2015-65601-R.

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