Seminario IRSJD: "Molecular mechanisms underlying development of the nervous system in health and disease"

Auditorio Dr. J. Plaza – Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

  • Ponente: Dra. Elisa Martí. CSIC Research Professor, Instituto de Biología Molecular de Barcelona, CSIC, Parc Científic de Barcelona.


The development of the nervous system including the brain and spinal cord is orchestrated, tightly regulated, and genetically encoded process with clear influence from the environment. Any deviation from this program early in embryonic development can result in neurodevelopmental disorders that, depending on specific timing and/or position, might lead to distinct pathologies later in life. These highlight the need for a detailed characterization of the basic common mechanisms driving normal development that may easy the early diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Research in our laboratory aims to understand the genetic networks and cellular events that generate the proper cell numbers and neuronal subtypes in the developing spinal cord. Our work holds the promise to uncover pathways relevant for various neurodevelopmental malformations. Recently, we developed molecular markers to trace neural progenitors on the basis of their mode of division. In the seminar I will present data that validated them as powerfull tools to asses for normal growth of the embryonic central nervous system  and the pathological condition associated to congenital primary microcephaly.

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