#NeuroConCiencia| EBrains, an European initiative for Brain-related research



  • Seminari a càrrec de: Luisa Martínez, Christian Stephan-Otto, Enrico Castroflorio i Àngels García-Cazorla.


The Spanish Node of EBRAINS brings the European vision of EBRAINS to the national level and implements a series of activities to position the Node as a strategic actor of the Spanish Neuroscience ecosystem. The Node is represented by several universities, research and technology centers, hospitals, and industrial companies. The members provide the EBRAINS community with a varied range of technical and clinical resources, like functional brain imaging techniques with patient data and intracranial registries, diagnostic tools to evaluate image-based biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases, prognostic tools based on artificial intelligence, or computational imaging data biobanks for brain research, among other tools and facilities. Collaborative research and innovation work within the Node will serve to address two specific scientific challenges: development of clinical solutions to better understand and address memory problems, and acceleration of neurorehabilitation innovation processes to tackle motor disorders.

During this talk we will present the main characteristics of EBRAINS and how the neurology department of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital can participate based on the main strategy research topics: memory and motor problems.


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