Innovative Health Initiative JU Call 6 (HORIZON-JU-IHI-2024-06-two-stage)

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IHI calls for proposals (previously known as IMI calls) represent an opportunity for organisations involved in health research and healthcare to form consortia and apply to be part of cross-sector partnerships that bring together a range of stakeholders to tackle some of the biggest challenges in health research today.

The IHI call 6, which is a two-stage call, covering the following two topics:


  • Topic 1: Support healthcare system resilience through a focus on persistency in the treatment of chronic diseases.

The main outcome of this research collaboration is to better understand why significant advances in technology in recent years have not contributed to widespread improvements in healthcare systems, which still struggle to keep more than 50 % of people on chronic disease treatment for longer than 12 months. The goal is to develop and pilot innovative and multi-stakeholder approaches leveraging social innovation activities and scalable technology to improve the health outcomes of people living with chronic diseases by supporting treatment persistency with a particular focus on diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Persistency is part of drug adherence and is defined as the length of time between starting treatment and the last dose which immediately precedes discontinuation of medication.

  • Topic 2: Development of evidence based practical guidance for sponsors on the use of real-world data / real-world evidence.

Industry, sponsors, and other stakeholders have access to structured, evidence-based and practical guidance and recommendations on the use of real-world data / real world evidence (RWD/RWE)1 that could be followed to support the development, and regulatory, health technologies assessment (HTA), and payer decision-making of innovative medicines and health technologies with a focus on medicinal products, medical devices, and therapeutic products that combine a medicinal product with a medical device (drug-device combinations).

Regulators, HTA bodies and payers will receive more structured and consistent RWD/RWE submissions to inform their decision making.


Two-phase call, in which there is already a predefined industrial consortium in the topic (similar to IMI2 calls) that will join in the second phase the only winning consortium of the first phase (1st in the ranking). The predefined consortium in the topic makes sure to meet at least 45% of the budget with own contributions. Only one proposal per topic is funded.


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