European Huntington's Disease Network - Lesley Jones Seed Fund Program

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European Huntington's Disease Network (EHDN)
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The European Huntington's Disease Network (EHDN) is a non-profit research network committed to advancing research, facilitating the conduct of clinical trials, and improving clinical care in Huntington's Disease. The EHDN is supported by and collaborates closely with CHDI Foundation.

The EHDN Lesley Jones Seed Fund Programme (previously EHDN Seed Fund) is intended to fast-track pilot studies required to apply for larger grants from other organisations, or to estimate the statistical power needed for larger studies (eg in clinical trials). Funded studies should result in conclusive answers to the hypotheses under test. Only European projects (or projects with a European collaborator) are eligible.


Any European EHDN member can apply, however EHDN especially encourages applications from working groups to stimulate discussion and collaboration within those groups while reducing any overlap between projects proposed by individual members.

The main PI has to be an EHDN regular member, based in Europe, and at least 50% of the funds must stay in Europe. All co-applicants also have to be EHDN members (either regular or associated).


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