Pfizer/Lilly - Closing Knowledge Gaps in Osteoarthritis and Osteoarthritis Pain

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The 'Closing Knowledge Gaps in Osteoarthritis and Osteoarthritis Pain' Request for Proposals is jointly funded by Pfizer Inc. and Lilly.

The aim of the Requests for Proposals is to support virtual and potentially live programmes and other innovative digital medical education for HCPs. The focus is on Osteoarthritis and Chronic Pain associated with OA and patient-centered standard of care and management including pain and function, the biopsychosocial aspects of the disease, the complexities and challenges of care, and the future of OA/OA pain management. Programmes targeted towards reviewing data at virtual or live osteoarthritis, rheumatology, pain, primary care, or other associated medical conferences, including but not limited to OARSI, EULAR, PAINWeek, AAFP, WCO, and ACR are of particular interest, as well as other meaningful education outside of congresses.

Projects that will be considered for Pfizer and Lilly support will focus on education. Specified on the link provided below on page 2. 

This call is constantly open.


Eligible applicants are medical, nursing, allied health, and/or pharmacy professional schools, healthcare institutions (both large and small), professional associations and medical societies, medical education companies, and other entities with a mission related to healthcare professional education and/or healthcare improvement. For projects offering continuing education credit, the requesting organisation must be accredited.

If the project involves multiple departments within an institution and/or between different institutions/organisations/associations, all institutions must have a relevant role and the requesting organisation must have a key role in the project.


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