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EB Research Network (EB-ResNet)
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The EB-Research Network (EB-ResNet) is a group of several national DEBRA patient organisations that are actively involved in funding and managing Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) research and facilitating clinical translation. EB-ResNet was instigated by the most research-active national member groups of DEBRA International and other research-supporting EB patient groups to investigate and develop the most effective curative and quality-of-life treatments for all people living with EB. Most of EB-ResNet's activities were previously managed by DEBRA International and its national member groups.

EB-ResNet provides support for excellent research worldwide to increase understanding of the causes and consequences of EB and to develop the evidence base for the development of better clinical care, diagnostics and disease-modifying therapies for those with EB.

The EB-ResNet Ad-Hoc Grants are a source of flexible, discretionary funding to enable researchers and research organisations involved in EB research to respond in a timely manner to opportunities that arise, such as co-funding options, immediate need for funds, novel project ideas, or proof-of-concept projects.

Requests must relate to hypothesis-driven research, ranging in scope from fundamental to pre-clinical research, and should relate to one or more of the EB-ResNet research priorities:

  • Improving understanding of EB biology to create new concepts for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Developing disease-modifying and curative therapies.
  • Preventing and curing severe disease consequences: chronic wounds, fibrosis, and cancer.
  • Improving clinical care and symptom relief through research.

Funding is not available for:

  • Generic technology development costs not closely related to a specific EB therapeutic approach.
  • Overheads or administrative costs.
  • Salaries of the grantholder.

Service provision (i.e. clinical testing) costs.


Eligible applicants are academic researchers, clinicians and industry.

The project leader must have a contract of employment with the lead host institution/organisation at least for the time of the project period.

Academic-led projects in collaboration with industry are welcome


Applicants should first submit an informal Letter of Intent via email.

If the enquiry meets the scope of the Ad-Hoc grants, the applicant will be invited to submit an application via the online application system.

If the enquiry fits the scope of another EB-ResNet funding scheme, the applicant will be directed to apply to that scheme.

This grant is indefinitely opened for applications,

In case of interest please contact frecerca.internacional@sjd.es