LEO Foundation Awards

Convocatoria "cerrada"
Entidad convocante:
LEO Foundation
Plazo FSJD:
100.000 USD

The LEO Foundation Awards constitute a global recognition and are given annually to outstanding young scientists whose work represent extraordinary contributions to dermatology research.

There will be three awards of 100.000 USD, one in each of the Americas, EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) and Asia-Pacific regions.


An applicant should

- Have his/her primary workplace within the relevant region at the time of being selected as awardee
- Be between 30 and 40 years of age at the time of being selected as awardee. Natural and reasonable career breaks such as paternity/maternity leave, military service or the like may be deducted
- Be able to demonstrate scientific merit in the form of at least 5 peer-reviewed first author or co-first author publications within skin-related research
- Be an active scientist within skin-related research
- Agree to become a 'LEO Foundation Alumni' with accompanying obligations, if selected as awardee.

An applicant should NOT

- Have commercial or cosmetic/aesthetic research as his/her primary focus
- Have personal or financial ties to LEO Pharma, including involvement in e.g. sponsored studies or clinical trials at PI level
- Be an earlier recipient of a LEO Foundation Award
- Be an earlier recipient of another prize or award (personal or for research) exceeding a value of 50.000 USD. Regular research grants are exempt from this condition.


Application system here: https://leo-foundation.smartsimple.ie/s_Login.jsp

Completed application form

Curriculum Vitae

Letter of Recommendation

In case of interest contact with internacional(ELIMINAR)@fsjd.org before June 11th