Pfizer GMG: Quality Improvement Grants to Support the Delivery of Gene Therapies to Patients with Rare Disease

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Up to $50.000

Call objectives

Projects that will be considered for Pfizer support will focus on preparing and/or optimizing multidisciplinary care teams for the integration of gene therapy into the treatment armamentarium for patients with a Rare Disease. Support is available for the development of leadership, best practices, SOP development, site readiness, support and/or training of HCPs within a multidisciplinary team environment to optimize the quality of care for patients who have/will have gene therapy in their treatment armamentarium.

Projects that address recombinant adeno-associated virus gene therapy in Rare Disease and are therapeutic area and disease area agnostic (i.e., platform) will be prioritized.

It is not their intent to support clinical research projects. Projects evaluating the efficacy of therapeutic or diagnostic agents will not be considered.


Individual projects requesting up to $50,000will be considered. The estimated total available budget related to this RFP is $150,000.



The following may apply: medical, dental, nursing, allied health, and/or pharmacy professional schools; healthcare institutions (both large and small); professional associations and medical societies; medical education companies; and other entities with a mission related to healthcare professional education and/or healthcare improvement.

If the project involves multiple departments within an institution and/or between different institutions /organizations / associations. All institutions must have a relevant role and the requesting organization must have a key role in the project.



The submission is done through electronic submission (see link below this page).

  • Application deadline: June 1st 2021.

In case of interest, please contact lnorton(ELIMINAR)