Matsumae International Foundation - Research Fellowships 2022

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The Matsumae International Foundation
Plazo FSJD:

The Matsumae International Foundation awards about 10 fellowships for post-doctoral stays in Japan.

Fields of study such as natural science, engineering and medicine are given first priority.


Round-trip air ticket

220.000 yen/month for payment of tuition, expenses for research materials, lodging, meals, transportation, etc.

120.000 yen as a lump sun on arrival

Overseas Travel Accident/Sickness Insurance


3-6 months, between April 2022 and March 20231


Applicants of non-Japanese nationality who meet all of the following eligibility requirements are invited to submit the required application documents.

1. Applicants must obtain a Letter of Invitation from host institutions in Japan.
2. Applicants must hold a PH.D. (Doctorate) degree, or be recognized by MIF as possessing equivalent academic qualifications.
3. Applicants must be at the age of 49 years old or younger at the time when documents are submitted.
4. Applicants must have sufficient abilities in the English or Japanese languages.
5. Applicants should not have past or current experiences of staying in Japan. (Except for short-term stay such as sightseeing, conferences)
6. Applicants should be in employment in their home countries, and must return to their countries upon completion of their MIF fellowship tenure.


Please see section VI. Application Documents in the Call Document (attached)

In case of interest, please contact with FSJD Research's Department no later than June 23rd, 2021