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The Trinity Challenge
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Up to £10.000.000


Funding is available to support data-driven and analytics research projects that aim to develop and provide solutions against future health emergencies.

Call objectives

The Trinity Challenge is an initiative led by organisations across the private, academic and social sector for the purpose of sourcing and scaling solutions that better protect people from future health emergencies. Convened under Dame Sally Davies, Master of Trinity College, The Trinity Challenge aims to serve as a platform to find solutions that will have a significant impact on society.

The Trinity Challenge aims to financially support teams and help them to scale their innovations across areas including economics, behavioural sciences and epidemiology. The Trinity Challenge is a public challenge that invites research projects to promote the public good by the means of data & analytics. This Challenge also grants significant support and awards to the best contributions around pandemic preparedness and response for the inaugural round running Autumn 2020 - Spring 2021.

Call options

The Trinity Challenge focuses on three broad categories:

  • Identification: Building early-warning systems and ground-breaking technologies to identify pathogens or outbreaks before they cause significant harm.
  • Response: Developing insights and capabilities to target interventions with maximal effectiveness and at minimal cost.
  • Recovery: Strengthening social and economic revival following health emergencies and constructing an equitable path toward an inclusive recovery.


Funding of more than £10 million is available to teams entering the Challenge.



The Trinity Challenge is open internationally to teams that aim to contribute their thinking to any of the Challenge categories.

A Challenge Team can be any individual or group of individuals who submit an idea or insight to the Challenge.




  • Applications for Supported and Independent submissions should be made online by the deadline of 15 April 2021.

In case of interest, please contact lnorton(ELIMINAR)