EMBO Young Investigator Programme

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EMBO - European Molecular Biology Organization
Recursos Humans
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Support for Young Investigators that are group leaders in the early stages of setting up an independent laboratory. They receive financial and practical support for a period of four years to help them develop skills and connections that will help them during this career stage.


EMBO Young Investigators receive a financial award of 15,000 euros in their second year. They can also apply for additional small grants of up to 10,000 euros per year.
Young Investigators also benefit from extensive practical support, including:

Networking actions (seminars, visits...)

Support for Young Investigators (mentorship, training...)

Support for Young Investigator laboratories (access to EMBL core facilities, annual course for PhD students...)



Candidates applying to become a Young Investigator must:

Have been an independent group leader for at least one year at the pre-application deadline and for less than four years in the year of application (no earlier than 01.04.2017 and no later than 01.04.2020).

Have an excellent track record.

Carry out research in the life sciences in an EMBC Member State, an EMBC Associate Member State (currently India and Singapore) or a in countries/territories covered by a co-operation agreement (currently Taiwan and Chile).

Medical scientists working in the fields related to general EMBO subject areas are eligible to apply

Applicants are expected to have obtained sufficient funding to run their laboratory (consumables, lab space, salary for themselves and their staff).

Applicants must have published at least one last author research paper in an international peer reviewed journal from independent work carried out in their own laboratory. EMBO will consider papers published on preprint servers (arXiv, BioRxiv, PeerJ., etc.) but a last author publication in an international peer reviewed journal is still a requirement. Your last author paper should have "accepted" status by the time of the interview (9 or 10 November, 2021). If your PhD or postdoc supervisor is included as an author on the paper, please explain their contribution to the work.

Applicants must be able to attend an interview in Heidelberg, Germany, or optionally online, on 9 or 10 November 2021.


Applications to the EMBO Young Investigator Programme are accepted annually in a two-stage process and must be submitted through an online system: https://applications.embo.org/register.php?reg=P0M8