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  • Reynolds GP, Yevtushenko OO, Gordon S, Arranz B, San L and Cooper SJ.

    The obesity risk gene FTO influences body mass in chronic schizophrenia but not initial antipsychotic drug-induced weight gain in first-episode patients

    INT J NEUROPSYCHOPH . 16(6): 1421-1425. Number of citations: 22


  • Ochoa S, Suarez D, Novick D, Arranz B, Roca M, Baño V and Haro JM.

    Factors predicting hostility in outpatients with schizophrenia: 36-month results from the SOHO study.

    JOURNAL OF NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE . 201(6): 464-470. Number of citations: 8


  • Barajas A, Ochoa S, Baños I, Dolz M, Villalta-Gil V, Vilaplana M, Autonell J, Sánchez Fernández B, Cervilla JA, Foix-Sanjuan A, Obiols JE, Haro JM, GENIPE group and Usall J.

    Spanish validation of the Premorbid Adjustment Scale (PAS-S)

    COMPREHENSIVE PSYCHIATRY . 54(2): 187-194. Number of citations: 12


  • Navinés R, Gutierrez F, Arranz B, Moreno-España J, Luisa Ímaz M, Soler V, Vázquez M, Carlos Pascual J, Martín-Santos R and Kahn DA.

    Long-Term and Bizarre Self-Injurious Behavior: An Approach to Underlying Psychological Mechanisms and Management

    JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRIC PRACTICE . 19(1): 65-71. Number of citations: 4


  • San L, Arranz B, Perez V, Safont G, Corripio I, Ramirez N, Dueñas R and Alvarez E.

    One-year, randomized, open trial comparing olanzapine, quetiapine, risperidone and ziprasidone effectiveness in antipsychotic-naive patients with a first-episode psychosis

    PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH . 200(2-3): 693-701. Number of citations: 22


  • Olaya B, Marsà F, Ochoa S, Balanzá-Martínez V, Barbeito S, García-Portilla MP, González-Pinto A, Lobo A, López-Antón R, Usall J, Arranz B and Haro JM.

    Development of the insight scale for affective disorders (ISAD): modification from the scale to assess unawareness of mental disorder.

    JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS . 142(1-3): 65-71. Number of citations: 20


  • Corripio I, Escartí MJ, Portella MJ, Pérez V, Grasa E, Sauras RB, Alonso A, Safont G, Camacho MV, Dueñas R, Arranz B, San L, Catafau AM, Carrió I and Alvarez E.

    Density of striatal D2 receptors in untreated first-episode psychosis: An I-123-IBZM SPECT study

    EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY . 21(12): 861-866. Number of citations: 14


  • Safont G, Corripio I, Escartí MJ, Portella MJ, Pérez V, Ferrer M, Camacho V, Sauras RB, Alonso A, Grasa EM, Arranz B, San L, Dueñas R, Carrió I and Álvarez E.

    Cannabis use and striatal D2 receptor density in untreated first-episode psychosis: An in vivo SPECT study

    SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH . 129(2-3): 169-171. Number of citations: 12


  • Sintes A, Arranz B, Ramirez, Nicolas, Rueda, Isabel and San L.

    Asperger Syndrome Can the disorder be diagnosed in the adult age?

    ACTAS ESPANOLAS DE PSIQUIATRIA . 39(3): 196-200. Number of citations: 2

  • Sintes A, Arranz B, Ramírez N, Rueda I and San L.

    Asperger syndrome: can the disorder be diagnosed in the adult age?

    ACTAS ESPANOLAS DE PSIQUIATRIA . 39(3): 196-200. Number of citations: 3