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  • Civera-Tregon A, Dominguez-Brezosa L, Martínez-Valero P, Serrano C, Vallmitjana A, Benítez R, Hoenicka J, Satrústegui J and Palau F.

    Mitochondria and calcium defects correlate with axonal dysfunction in GDAP1-related Charcot-Marie-Tooth mouse model

    NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE . 152: 105300-105300. Number of citations: 3


  • Wei J, Yao J, Belke D, Guo W, Zhong X, Sun B, Wang R, Paul Estillore J, Vallmitjana A, Benítez R, Hove-Madsen L, Alvarez-Lacalle E, Echebarria B and Chen SRW.

    Ca(2+)-CaM Dependent Inactivation of RyR2 Underlies Ca(2+) Alternans in Intact Heart.

    CIRCULATION RESEARCH . 128(4): 63-83. Number of citations: 2


  • Vallmitjana A, Civera-Tregon A, Hoenicka J, Palau F and Benítez R.

    Motion estimation of subcellular structures from fluorescence microscopy images.

    annual international conference of the ieee engineering in medicine and biology society. ieee engineering in medicine and biology society. annual international conference . 2017: 4419-4422. Number of citations: 2


  • Molina CE, Llach A, Herraiz-Martínez A, Tarifa C, Barriga M, Wiegerinck RF, Fernandes J, Cabello N, Vallmitjana A, Benítez R, Montiel J, Cinca J and Hove-Madsen L.

    Prevention of adenosine A(2A) receptor activation diminishes beat-to-beat alternation in human atrial myocytes

    BASIC RESEARCH IN CARDIOLOGY . 111(1): 5-5. Number of citations: 14


  • Nolla-Colomer C, Casabella-Ramon S, Jimenez-Sabado V, Vallmitjana A, Tarifa C, Herraiz-Martínez A, Llach A, Tauron M, Montiel J, Cinca J, Wayne Chen SR, Benítez R and Hove-Madsen L.

    ß2-adrenergic stimulation potentiates spontaneous calcium release by increasing signal mass and co-activation of ryanodine receptor clusters.

    ACTA PHYSIOL . : e13736.