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    Perinatal outcome after selective termination in dichorionic twins discordant for congenital anomalies.



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    Frontiers in Genetics . 11: 561720-561720.


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    Chromosome microarray analysis should be offered to all invasive prenatal diagnostic testing following a normal rapid aneuploidy test result.

    CLINICAL GENETICS . 98(4): 379-383.


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    Prediction of neonatal respiratory morbidity by quantitative ultrasound lung texture analysis: a multicenter study

    AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY . 217(2): 196.e1-e14. Number of citations: 24


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    Cuándo debe terminarse la gestación de una gastrosquisis?

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  • Sabria-Bach J, Guirado L, Miró I, Gómez-Roig MD and Borrell A.

    Crown-rump length audit plots with the use of operator-specific PAPP-A and beta-hCG median MoM

    PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS . 37(3): 229-234. Number of citations: 2


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    Heterotrisomy recurrence risk: a practical maternal age-dependent approach for excess trisomy 21 risk calculation after a previous autosomal trisomy

    JOURNAL OF MATERNAL-FETAL & NEONATAL MEDICINE . 30(13): 1613-1615. Number of citations: 1


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    Genomic Microarray in Fetuses with Early Growth Restriction: A Multicenter Study.

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    Effectiveness of ovarian age as the background risk for aneuploidy screening in an unselected pregnant population

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    Use of Placental Growth Factor and Uterine Artery Doppler Pulsatility Index in Pregnancies Involving Intrauterine Fetal Growth Restriction or Preeclampsia to Predict Perinatal Outcomes

    GYNECOLOGIC AND OBSTETRIC INVESTIGATION . 80(2): 99-105. Number of citations: 13