Gerard Marturià Navarro

Gerard Marturià Navarro

Ayudante de investigación

Research line:

Skeletal dysplasia. Development of new techniques in orthopedic surgery.

Gerard Marturià graduated in Biomedical Engineering in 2020 from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). During these years, he has consolidated his knowledge of engineering and medicine. His interests have always revolved around the design, production and customization of prosthetics and medical devices and image processing.

At the end of this training stage, in 2021, he began to work as a Research Coordinator in the Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics Unit of the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital. Here, apart from providing logistical support, he has begun his career as a researcher collaborating on multiple projects, contributing his multidisciplinary skills as a Biomedical Engineer.

His research focuses on the development of new image analysis techniques in treatments involving guided growth plates.

During these years, he has increased his knowledge by studying the postgraduate course in Medical Image Processing: 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence called Expert3D in SJD Barcelona Chilndren’s Hospital.