Laura Lahuerta Valls

Jefe de Grupo

Research group

Nursing research

Research line:

Patient and family experience

The researcher Laura Lahuerta graduated in Nursing in 2005 from the University of Lleida and obtained her PhD by the University of Lleida in 2018.

Since 2017 she is a collaborating professor at the Sant Joan de Déu Teaching Campus (Universitat de Barcelona)

In 2017, he became responsible for nursing research at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital.

She is currently leading the research group in Nursing and its different lines, where she studies how to improve the cures offered by nurses to the population they serve: infants and their families.

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Last Publications

  • Perez A, Alba Martínez Segura, Ana Negre Loscertales and Lahuerta-Valls L Pediatric Patient Transfer from a Tph Ward to Icu: How can we Improve our Communication? BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION . 55(s1): 752-753.
  • Concepción Agustín Mata and Lahuerta-Valls L La infermera i l’infermer com agents clau en la prevenció dels errors de medicació en l’àmbit hospitalari Butlletí de Prevenció d'Errors de Medicació de Catalunya . 18(1): 1-8.
  • Lahuerta-Valls L, Roca-Capara N and Blanco-Blanco J ¿Están satisfechas las enfermeras que trabajan en Onco-Hematología pediátrica con su entorno laboral? ENE: Revista de Enfermería . 12(1): 709.
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Project name:
Seroprevalencia de la infección por SARS-COV-2 en los empleados del hospital matenor-infantil Sant Joan de Déu
Laura Lahuerta Valls
Funding entities:
Fundació Infermeria i Societat
Starting - finishing date:
2021 - 2021
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