Francis de Zegher

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Metabolic endocrinology

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  • López-Bermejo A, Díaz-Silva M, Moran, E, de Zegher F and Ibañez-Toda L A single nucleotide polymorphism in STK11 influences insulin sensitivity and metformin efficacy in hyperinsulinemic girls with androgen excess Hormone Research . 72: 434-434.
  • Bassols-Casadevall J, Carreras-Badosa, G, Bonmati, A, Ortega, FJ, Mercader, JM, Prats-Puig, A, de Zegher F, Ibañez-Toda L, Fernandez-Real, JM and López-Bermejo A Dysregulation of Placental Mirna in Maternal Obesity is Associated with Pre-and Post-Natal Growth HORMONE RESEARCH IN PAEDIATRICS . 86: 101-101.
  • Ibañez-Toda L, del Rio, L, Díaz-Silva M, Sebastiani G, López-Bermejo A and de Zegher F Normalization of Ovulation Rate in Adolescent Girls with Hyperinsulinemic Androgen Excess HORMONE RESEARCH IN PAEDIATRICS . 86: 275-275.
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