Selena Trifunov

Investigador post-doc

Researcher Selena Trifunov obtained a Master degree in Biology at the University of Novi Sad, in Serbia. She got her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at University of Bologna, Italy, in 2017.

During her PhD she was a visiting researcher at Newcastle University, Institute for Genetic Medicine, Mitochondrial Research Group.

At the moment, in the laboratory of Dr. Cecilia Jimenez-Mallebrera she is working on diverse investigation lines. Firstly, on longitudinal study of changes in biomarkers from Duchenne Muscular dystrophy patients. Secondly on identification and first characterization of miRNAs in patients with Myoclonus dystonia. Finally, in recently funded project, she is investigating noncoding RNA in exosomes from cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy before and after intrathecal administration of antisense oligonucleotide treatment (Nusinersen).

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