Javier Pizarro Delgado

Investigador post-doc

After graduating in Biochemistry from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) (2005), I obtained a scholarship from this university to carry out the Doctoral Thesis, obtaining the title of Doctor in 2013 under the direction of Dr. Jorge Tamarit. The doctorate on the mechanism of insulin secretion in pancreatic islets, led to the publication of five original articles (Biochem J (2009, 2010), PloS One (2015, 2016), Am J Transpl (2014)), also obtaining the extraordinary doctorate award. In addition, during the thesis, I received a UCM scholarship to complete a 7-month predoctoral stay at Boston University (Boston Medical Center), under the supervision of Dr. Barbara Corkey, studying animal models of diabetes and obesity. After a period of 8 months with a postdoctoral position in Dr. Tamarit's laboratory, at the end of 2015, I joined the group of Dr. Manuel Vázquez Carrera (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Barcelona, UB) with a postdoctoral contract, awarded by CIBERDEM (CIBER for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Carlos IIII Health Institute) (2015-2016), by the Bosch I Gimpera Foundation (CaixaImpulse) (UB) (2016-2017) and by the Marató TV3 Foundation (2017-2018). Here, under the supervision of Dr. Vázquez, I conducted several in vitro and in vivo model studies to elucidate the inflammatory mechanism induced by obesity in pancreatic β cells. Furthermore, in collaboration with the group of Dr. Santiago Vázquez (Department of Chemical Pharmacology, UB), we have carried out studies on the design and synthesis of compounds that inhibit the enzyme "soluble epoxy hydrolase" in the treatment of acute pancreatitis. Currently, I am focused on investigating the effects of inflammation and metabolic disturbances on the heart and, especially during diabetic cardiomyopathy, the role of FGF21 (Fibroblast growth factor 21) in the regulation of liver metabolism and the study of HRI activating compounds. (heme-regulated eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2α (eIF2α) kinase) in the treatment of non-alcoholic liver steatosis (NASH) (Trends Endocrinol Metab (2018), Int J Mol Sci. (2018), Trends Pharmacol Sci. (2018), Metabolism (2018), Diabetologia (2017), British Journal of Pharmacology (2019, in review).

In summary, during my scientific career I have presented more than 17 communications at national and international conferences and have published 13 articles (12 included in the Journal Citation Reports, JCR), after participating in six competitive projects. The average Impact Factor for these JCR articles is 5.5; three of them are included in the first decile within their area, and nine in the first quartile. My Hirsch index is currently 5 (Web of Science, Thomson Reuters). In addition, since 2016, I am teaching various subjects in Pharmacology to students of the Bachelor of Pharmacy, as an Associate Professor. In addition, I have directed students of the master's degree in Molecular Biotechnology and the master's degree in Biomedicine in carrying out their final master's project.

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