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Centre de Recerca en Enginyeria Biomèdica (CREB) UPC

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Scientific objectives

  1. To develop and validate tools that would pinpoint image-based biomarkers for the characterisation of multiscale systems in translational medicine.
  2. To automate pattern recognition in fluorescence microscopy images with multichannel markers.
  3. To characterise patterns in tissue and samples in pathological anatomy images.
  4. To scientifically develop the clinical genomic translational model - functional genomics at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, for the validation of genetic variants and candidate genes associated with disease in cell models overexpressing mutant proteins or with a genome edited with CRISPR/CAS9 technology.
  5. To develop and validate an imaging diagnostic system by identifying abnormal functional patterns using  in vivo confocal fluorescence microscopy.
  6. To integrate the Confocal Microscopy Unit of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital for routine processing of sequences of images/videos using a computational platform that allows the automated analysis of experimental data and which, at the same time, guarantees the objectivity and reproducibility of the patterns captured.
  7. To optimise radiation protection and implement new exposure reduction measures in medical practice; namely, to reduce occupational (radiology/interventional cardiology personnel) crystal exposure and patient skin exposure.​​​​​).

Area/Field of expertise

Fluorescence microscopy image processing. Location and quantification of cell, subcellular and molecular structures. Identification of release patterns in intracellular calcium dynamics in excitable cells (cardiomyocytes and neurons). Quantification of activation and propagation phenomena in cell cultures. Pattern recognition techniques in cell physiology experimental data. Advanced characterisation of multiscale dynamic systems in cell physiology.

The main research activities/aims in Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics revolve around radiation protection in medicine. New measurement and calculation methodologies are being investigated to determine radiation exposure in patients and staff or in medical imaging, and its potential risks. Optimisation of Monte Carlo simulation programmes for radiation transport to obtain real-time patients/workers dosimetric data, without the need for physical dosimeters.

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  • Development of methodologies for estimating the dose to the eye lens in Interventional radiology. Operational implications of the eye lens new dose limit
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